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 The Parish of Newnham is found within Northamptonshire's green and pleasant countryside.


At the centre of the parish, and two miles to the south of Daventry, is the village of Newnham.

This picturesque village has a variety of  house styles, approaching 250 in number,

and it's location and charm make it a popular yet tranquil location in which to live.

Situated within the village is Newnham Primary School, St. Michael and All Angels Church,

'Maria's Kitchen' at The Romer Arms Public House and Newnham Village Hall.

Villagers can make the short journey to the neighbouring market town of Daventry,

where there are senior schools, leisure facilities, shops and services.

On Tuesdays and Fridays, in Daventry High Street, there is an open-air market with covered stalls,

 and on the first Saturday of each month there is a Farmers Market.

This village web-site is designed to provide information for parishioners,

and offer a contact point or forum for matters of interest or concern.

We are happy to include any village or parish related photographs or news items which you may wish to submit.

If you are a first time visitor to this site, or you are returning, your comments would be appreciated.

Enjoy this web-site and our parish.


There are three vacancies on the Newnham Parish Council.

The Council meets on the first Monday of the month.

If you are interested in applying to join the council please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council, click the link, Clerk to the Parish Council


Full details of  The 2018 Annual Parish Council Meeting




 The play area on the school field will be closed for one week from JUNE 4th so that a new 'play surface' can be laid.

Click the link below to view the 2018




Dog Fouling around The Village Green continues to be a problem.

During the early evenings, now it gets dark early, it's amazing how many people you see walking their dog without a torch.

These might be the people who don't bother to 'clean up' after their animal has defecated, as it is impossible to do so properly without a torch.

If you don't carry a torch, when walking your dog after dark, then you might be responsible for the filthy mess found every morning on and around 'the green'.


Whose responsibility is it to clear away dog fouling?


It is the responsibility of the dog owner or the person in charge of the dog to clear up any dog foul left by their dog.

If you fail to clean up after your dog you can go to Magistrates court and receive a fine of up to £1,000.

The regulations state specifically, that being unaware that the dog has fouled, or not having a suitable means of removing the faeces,

is not a reasonable excuse for failing to clean up after your dog.



The public consultation around the future of the Library Service has included the deletion of the Mobile Library Service

and the service has been running as normal pending the final Council decision.

However, due to the age and the condition of the vehicle, there is a risk of incurring expensive repair work each time it goes out

and the recent spending controls imposed by the Director of Finance under Section 114 mean that we have had to withdraw the service with immediate effect.

We will be contacting all existing Mobile Library customers individually to explain the situation.

We have also made arrangements for our Mobile Library Driver to continue to visit the mobile library stops for one last visit to see as many customers as possible.

He will be stopping at the normal place at the normal time, but in a different vehicle, to collect stock from customers.

If customers are not able to attend the last mobile library visit they can return any items to any of our libraries.  All overdue charges will be waived.

Any residents who would like to continue to use the library service, but are unable to visit their nearest library

can be considered for home delivery through our Library to You service.

They can either speak to our mobile van driver at his last visit, or contact their nearest library for further details.

More information on a planned expansion of the Library to You service will be announced in due course.

 I hope that this information helps you to address any related questions from residents

but if you have any further questions relating to the Mobile Library Service, please contact

NLIS Feedback at




Dog Fouling around The Village


Why is dog fouling a problem?

Keep Britain Tidy has recorded a reduction in overall levels of dog fouling since 2001/02.

It is still a significant cause of offence amongst the public. In Newnham it is a problem which is getting worse rather than better.

                                        Dog fouling is not only unpleasant it is dangerous. The biggest threat to public health from dog excrement is toxocariasis.


What is Toxocariasis?


It is an infection of the roundworm toxocara canis.

The eggs of the parasite can be found in soil or sand contaminated with dog faeces.

If swallowed, it may result in an infection that lasts between six and 24 months.

Symptoms include eye disorders, vague ache, dizziness, nausea, asthma and, in extremely rare cases, seizures/fits.

Often the eggs are ingested when passed to the mouth by the hands, but this can also occur through contact with dogs,

or inanimate objects including the wheels of toys and the soles of shoes.

Infected soil samples are often found in play areas. Toxocariasis most commonly affects children between 18 months and five years..


Please report to the Dog Warden, or a member of the Parish Council, anyone you see who does not pick up after their animal has defecated.

 It is a legal requirement that when walking a dog in a public area you must carry a disposable bag to clean up.

There are several village dog bins to dispose of a dog bag. If you cannot find a dog bin, then double wrap the bag and place it in a normal litter bin.

 Remember, a dog owner appearing at a Magistrates Court can receive a fine of £1000.


Litter around the Parish.


You may not be aware, but Newnham Parish employs a handyman who you may see working in and around the village.

A considerable and growing proportion of his duties are to collect the ever increasing amount of litter dropped by parishioners and others passing through the Parish.

His salary is paid for out of the Parish Precept. You might ask, What is a Parish Precept?

A Parish Council gets it's funding by receiving an amount of the local Council Tax, referred to as The Parish Precept.

Newnham Parish Council, forecasts the amount of funding it will require for the following year and requests this funding from Daventry District Council

in the form of a precept tax that is included within the local Council Tax paid by Newnham Parishioners.

In short, as more litter is dropped locally there will be a greater cost to the Parish Council and therefore its Parishioners.


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