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The Cemetery is owned by Newnham Parish Council.  This Council is responsible for its upkeep and for setting the fees payable by those who wish to use the cemetery.  The upkeep includes, but is not limited to, the general maintenance, levelling of graves, mowing and removal of ornaments.

The fees, payments and sums shall apply; £ 150.00 plus £ 25.00 for exclusive right of burial.

The person to be interred or in respect of whom the right is granted is, at the time of death, a resident in the Parish of Newnham or has family connections with the village.

An application for interment must be completed and forwarded to the Clerk to the Burial Ground Authority prior to the interment taking place.  A Certificate of Death is to be produced; the name of the Parish from which the body is removed and all other information required is to be given at the time the order for interment is given.

Relatives or friends of the deceased will be responsible for making arrangements for the Burial Service, if any, and the name of the Minister who conducts the service is to be given to the Clerk to the Burial Authority.

Payment for the interment(s), monuments and gravestones and for the exclusive right of burial will be made at the time the order is given.  The Burial Ground Authority shall select the grave space location sequentially.

The Newnham Burial Ground Authority does not employ a grave digger, and the excavation of all graves will be the responsibility of the Funeral Director handling the interment.  All vaults and brick graves will be arranged by and at the expense of the party requiring the feature, but subject to the prior approval of the Authority so far as size and design is concerned.

The time given for the funeral is to be that of arrival at the burial ground, and it is desirable that the time fixed is observed so as to avoid inconvenience.

No grave or vault for which the exclusive Right of Burial has been purchased shall be opened without the consent of the owner.

No permanent memorials other than headstones, flower vases or small wooden crosses may be placed on the graves in the cemetery.

All graves and vaults together with any gravestone and memorials erected upon them must be kept in repair by the owner or their representative.Only one headstone or wooden cross plus a maximum of two flower vases are permitted per grave.

To assist in the maintenance of the cemetery all memorials, including free standing flower vases, shall be sited at the head of the grave.

Kerbstones are not allowed.

Permission for the erection of a wooden cross or headstone must be obtained from the Parish Council before an order is placed for any such memorial.  Applications must include details of the size, style, material and inscription.  The number of the grave space or vault corresponding to the entry in the Register of Grave Spaces shall be inscribed on each gravestone or memorial.  Any additional inscriptions added thereafter must also receive the approval of the Burial Authority, before the work is carried out.

No gravestone or memorial shall bear the name of the constructor.  No gratuities shall be given to any representative of the Burial Authority.

All planting and cultivation on the grave space requires the approval of the Burial Authority who reserve the right to prune, cut down, dig up, or remove all trees, shrubs or plants which in the opinion of the Burial Authority is overgrown, unsightly, or is necessary for the purpose of interment.  Where planting is adopted the grave must be kept free from weeds and in a proper condition.  The Burial Authority reserves the right to order a gravestone to be levelled or turfed over.  Cut flower, wreaths or temporary memorials must be removed from the grave when faded or decayed; otherwise the Burial Authority will order their removal.

The burial ground will be open to the Public daily from until sunset.  Children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult person.  All visitors are requested to keep to the walking area and to refrain from touching the shrubs and flowers and always to act with dignity.

No animal is allowed into the burial ground except dogs which must be kept on a lean.  No dog fouling will be tolerated.

The Burial Authority reserves the right to make alterations to the Regulations and Fees from time to time in accordance with established procedures and with approval by the appropriate authority.


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