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MONDAY 8th APRIL 2019 at 7.00.p.m.   IN THE VILLAGE HALL


1.   To receive apologies

2.   Chairman’s Report.

3.   Financial Report.

4.   County Councillor’s Report.

5.   District Councillor’s Report

6.   Allotment Association Report

7.   Village Hall Management Committee Report.



MONDAY 8th APRIL 2019 at 7.00.p.m.   IN THE VILLAGE HALL

Chairman's Report

I think it’s fair to say that Newnham Parish Councillors, have had a busy year and that will remain the case for some time to come. At this time last year, the Parish Council was down on numbers, but I am pleased to report that the council is now almost at full strength. The PC has been supported again this year by our County and District Councillors, Robin Brown and Johnny Amos who have also provided financial support for various village projects.  I would like to thank them for their continued support as we move into what we expect to be a very eventful period for the village.

Whilst all those involved with the Parish Council have worked hard, I feel it only fair to single out for special mention, Councillor Jim Simpson. Jim has taken on the role of Internal Financial Controller, and working closely with our clerk Marion Money, they have produced a more detailed and informative report of our Annual Spending Budget. Jim brings a wealth of experience to the council in all things financial, legal and procedural and his contribution has been immense. Unfortunately, Councillor Harry Ferguson had to give up his position on the Council this year for health reasons. I would like to thank him for his very valuable contribution to the Parish over many years, and wish him well for the future. Our newest councillor is Tessa Heathcote, our only lady on the council. She is fully involved in our activities and brings a fresh perspective to our work. The council does have one vacancy however, although an ex councillor may be re-joining us. We would welcome other offers to join us and anyone who is interested should, in the first instance, contact Marion our clerk. We also have a handyperson named Shelley, who you will see around and about and I would like to thank her for her contribution to the upkeep of the village.

That concludes my report, suffice to say I would personally like to thank all of the councillors and our clerk, for their hard work and support during this past year.

Councillor Terry Regan

Chairman Newnham P.C.




The accounts for the financial year 2018/2019 (1 April to 31 March) have not yet been approved by the Internal Auditor.  20 May 2019 is the date set for the Internal Audit to be undertaken. 


There is a public right to inspect the accounts which is for a 30 working day period commencing on 17th June 2019.  The accounts are available for inspection by appointment only.


The financial year started with a credit balance of £36,163.  Receipts for the year amounted to £28,060 predominately made up of the £26,326 precept.  Other receipts include VAT reclaims; grant from NCC towards grass mowing.  Payments for the year amounted to £ 39808.


The Budget for 2018/19 made an allowance for continuing replacement of street lighting and this work has now been completed although the last payment has been made in this new financial year and will not therefore appear against last years budget figures.


To further reduce costs the Council is looking to change electricity supplier from EON.



Marion R Money R.F.O Newnham Parish Council



Cllr Robin Brown

Woodord & Weedon Division – Northamptonshire County Council

ANNUAL REPORT April 2018 to March 2019

My report to you and your community is somewhat different to the previous years. I no longer act as a member of the executive of the elected administration, I am now a Back Bench councillor attending Full Council meetings (normally 6 per year) plus Overview & Scrutiny meetings, although not allowed to sit on the committees (by diktat of the Commissioners) I still see it as a key role to attend as an observer as often as practical.

The year has seen the appointment of Commissioners (following the Inspectors Report March 2018) initially to oversee Governance and Finance; but in November also the appointment of a commissioner for Children’s Services. Also in March there was the appointment of a new Leader and Cabinet, (Leader Cllr Matt Golby previously a Cabinet member for Children’s Services) Further there were appointments of a new Chief Executive and other senior directors, most of whom have been in place since September.2018

The Auditors stopped the use of Capital Assets & Section 106 monies earmarked to balance the previous year’s budget and in consequence a deficit of £35+ million was carried forward to this year. The administration then made changes to the budget under the new Chief Executive and one of the outcomes of this was that the contentious library closures were put on hold. It is interesting to note that the Lead Commissioner is on record as saying the County Council had enough funds to deliver its statutory services and did not need a “bailout from Government”. However in November, Central Government allowed the administration to use up to £70 million from Capital assets to balance last year’s budget and create a £20 million general reserve thus ensuring such areas as Winter Gritting were reinstated where deemed necessary.

One final comment on the Budget for 2019/20 is the Council Tax increase of 4.99%, with the Secretary of State having allowed for an extra 2%. This was passed by the Council on the 21st February. The administration stating that the final budget would therefore balance and leave the NCC in a better financial situation.

The most significant change however is the move to Unitary Government as signalled in the Inspectors report and since has been followed through by the County’s District and Borough Councils (Exception Corby BC) with the Secretary of State allowing the elections for the D&B’s to be delayed until 2020.

The legal process published by the County Council and passed at an emergency meeting on the 28th February 2019, does however question (and as yet unanswered) steep rise in costs of the changeover from £15 million to £44 million: In my view, this is unlikely to stop the move to reorganising local government in the County. Elections for the two new unitary councils are planned to take place in May 2020. I have no input to the discussions and only know what is in the public domain. 

During the last seven months I have spent more time with the Parishes of Everdon and Woodford Halse as both have a NCC service that has been under threat of closure. In Everdon the Outdoor Learning Centre (a non-statutory service) is under offer to be sold as a going concern to the Parish Council (Local consultation and agreed Parish Council Finance still to be completed). I look forward to this being successful and the community becoming very involved in this nationally recognised outdoor learning centre.

Woodford Halse has a small library which is now being taken over by the Parish Council. The community benefit is immense and I congratulate all involved in being determined to save that facility.

I have expressed my concern to the Cabinet Member for Highways (Cllr Ian Morris a colleague from the previous cabinet) regarding the HS2 disruption likely on the A361 and it is pleasing to note that Byfield Parish Council are now represented on the committee responsible to deal with the HS2 issues locally.

I will continue to represent you through until the next elections and hope to keep you up to date with any further developments.

Cllr Robin Brown

Contact details -:    Telephone 01327 842130

March 2019

Allotment Association Report.

This was presented verbally. A digital copy is awaited.


There were no attendees representing the The Police or Newnham Village School

There was then an open session for 'The Public' to raise issues or make suggestions to direct The Parish Council'.

Comments on Notes from Open Meeting 8th April 2019

Items of Concern and Interest to those at the meeting:

1.   Where is money being spent?

The main expenses incurred annually are:

a.   Insurance

b.   Grass Mowing

c.   Lighting

d.   Handy Person

e.   Clerk

f.     General Administration/Office expenses

g.    Tree Inspections and maintenance.


2.   Comparison between 2018 and 2019





Grass Cutting



Lighting –Electricity

Repairs/New LEDs









3.   Repairs required to all village foothpaths

Whilst these are not the responsibility of the Parish Council a review will be undertaken over the next few months to identify areas of concern,  That review will then be reported through Street Doctor/Fix My Street or via the Clerk, which is the route by which all parishioners  should report issues direct.


4.   Street cleaning needs to be more regular

Not the responsibility of the Parish Council. NCC Highways responsible but will not give specific dates for work.  On several occasions in the past the Clerk has attempted to get specific dates for this and drain cleaning so that vehicles can be moved. Reporting procedure as in Item 3 above.


5.   Weeds on roads and in general

Not the responsibility of the Parish Council but where possible the Handy Person will deal.



6.   Footpath required on Preston Capes Road and up to the Burial Ground from the village

Whilst this is again not the responsibility of the Parish Council as part of wider discussions on traffic calming with NCC Highways who are responsible for this, options will be explored. If NCC will not fund alterations but are susceptible to alterations being made, then it might be opt for this work to be funded by the PC through an increase in the Precept and/or borrowings.  In discussion at the last Parish Council meeting it was noted that some road edges are in need of repair.  Parish Council will purchase gravel to fill in road edges.


7.   Pot Holes damaging cars on Mounts Lane

Not the responsibility of the Parish Council.  The Clerk will report if made aware. The more people who report problems through Street Doctor/Fix My Street the more likelihood there is of some action by NCC Highways.


8.   First Aid Course for the village

Being actioned.


9.   Defibrillator

Being investigated.


10  Welcome Pack for new villagers with information and contact details

Not actioned at this time but will be reviewed.


11 Take a page in the Link



12 Phone Box

Purchased. Consideration will now be given as to its future use.


13 Headmaster of School – could a Safety Officer attend the school in order to take responsibility for their speeding and parking misdemeanours

Not actioned at this time but an approach to the school will be reviewed.


14 Could Resident Parking Permits work and who would police     these? 

Not actioned at this time but will be considered as part of an overall traffic calming project.


15  Litter picking – group needs to be formed and managed for regular meetings.

Being investigated.


16 Lack of communication, lack of information available particularly for those with no internet access.

Actioned by taking page in The Link and consideration being given to increasing the size of the notice board to allow for more information to be posted.


17 Website needs attention

Seeking a villager to help with this.

    18 Biggest Issue – Speeding/Parking

Evidence needed for calming measures.

Hard to collect info/license required/current machine not up to the job.

Strips 11/18 for.

Bumps 4/18 for.

Can signs be hired?

Flashing signs.


Location of speed reduction – Preston Capes Road, bend from Weedon Road past school

Signs painted on the road

Rumble strips

Yellow lines

At the Parish Council meeting various options were discussed and Cllr J A Simpson reported that he had spoken with Steve Barber, the Road Safety Officer, from NCC who advised that to put in place Speed Indicator Signs a Section 50 licence needs to be obtained.  A meeting is to be held on 4thJune.  Councillors approved application for a Section 50 licence to be applied for.

Data recording boxes have been fitted by NCC in two locations and will be in place for one week.  When the data has been analysed the report will be sent to Cllr Simpson and this will form part of the discussions on the way forward.

The Council is very conscious of the need to deal with traffic calming and it will be under major consideration duration the coming year.

18 Shelley (The village Handy person) would like a leaf blower.

Authorised to obtain prices in time for the June meeting.

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