Newnham Parish Council
BUDGET 2019-20      
  Budgeted 2019/2020   Notes (what is included etc)
Administration 500   Costs relating to Clerk’s use of landline for internet access, home as an office & use of Clerk’s computer
Advertising 0    
Audit Fees 450   For Internal and External Audit costs
Clerk's Salary 4201    
Councillors Expenses 0    
Courses/Seminars 200   For Clerk and/or Councillors to attend
Election Expenses 100   Parish Councils can be re-charged by the primary authority for expenses incurred in a local election - this usually happens at a General Election. It would also be relevant if we were to have more applications for positions than there were vacancies on the Parish Council. £100 budgeted for 19/20 bearing in mind there might be General Election, and that new unitary elections are potentially on the horizon in 12/18 months
Hire of Village Hall 200   Charged at £7.50 per hour (or part of an hour) for all meetings; 12 meetings per year - 11 monthly meeting plus one Annual Parish Meeting.
Insurance 1360   3 year agreement signed to 30/09/19 - premium of £1,308.26 (including IPT) per annum
Membership/Subscription 500   NCALC of £306.77 + SLCC of £100 + Clerks direct magazine of £12.
Office Expenses 600   Clerk’s travel costs to & from meetings in & out of area, Stationery, stamps & any ad hoc items the Clerk is asked to purchase
Professional & Legal 1000   Forecast fee is the legal work for the Licences to use the Green and renewal of the Allotment Lease
Rates for Cemetery (Burial Ground) 150   Water rates and DDC Rates
Contingency 0    
VAS (Vehicle Activated Speed Sensor) 0    
Grant to Church 1500   Proposed cap to contribution towards roof following theft of lead
Grant to Village Hall MC 0   There was a request for a grant towards the cost of redecoration. That is now on hold, until late 2019 so it appears. Instead the VHC are in the process of obtaining quotes to have double glazed units put in the main hall windows (as was done for the committee room) plus reinforced windows in the lobby. The cost is expected to be circa £4,000 and we are going to be asked to if we can contribute towards that - assuming that the work is carried out in 19/20.
Meeting on 3/12/18 considered that expenditure on traffic calming should take priority and that the VHC should seek to raise such funds as they need for 19/20 through their usually successful fund raising
Grit bin restocking 240   We have acquired 2 grit bins from NCC which we need to restock.
Upgrade remaining street lights 5000   12 lights (running from the Green to the top of the village) are the final phase to replace the street lights with LED lights
Defibriilator 0   In the absence of sponsorship, whilst a a good idea, if other projects such as speeding or traffic calming all needed funding then this would be considered a low priority in terms of allocating cash in 19/20
Data Protection 85   NCALC are the Data Protection Officer, plus a fee to the Information Commissioners Office
Dog Bins 125   One additional bin at a cost of £125 (being a dog bin as opposed to a normal bin (which could also be used as a dog bin)) for siting on the Preston Capes Road.
Neighbourhood Watch Signs 0    
Hill Climb Plaque 530   For erection at the Burial Ground
Christmas Tree & Decorations 100    
Notice Boards 540   Replacement Notice Board
Bus Stop 0    
Wooden posts around Green 150   Replacement posts and “No Parking” signs
Youth Club 0    
War Memorial 250   Registration & Cleaning
Citizens Advice - Daventry 200   In the CAB year 17/18, 8 clients from Newnham used the services of CAB - CAB requested a grant towards the costs of their services
Possible new projects      
Speed signs (permanent) 0   To be reviewed during 19/20
Electric Car Charging points 0    
Traffic calming measures 0   To be reviewed during 19/20
Footpath up Daventry Road to Burial ground/footpath along Preston Capes Road 0   To be reviewed during 19/20
Entrances to the village - masonry work or similar? 0   To be reviewed during 19/20
Any other projects to be considered (now or for the following years)?     Suggestions always welcomed by the Parish Council
Public Lighting Electricity 1800   Running costs
Street Light Maintenance 0   To be reviewed during 19/20
Street Light Repairs 0   To be reviewed during 19/20
Grass Mowing Contract 5600   3 year agreement approved in January 2019
PROPERTY R & M      
Handyperson 7200   Self employed - invoiced for hours plus materials - capped figure
Repairs and Maintenance 250   Routine maintenance
Tree Work 1000   Any work ancillary to the tree inspection reports and any other work required
Tree Inspection 250   Annual survey of trees on the Green - 3 yearly review of all the trees
Churchyard 2000   It is a closed churchyard. The Parish is therefore responsible for keeping the walls in a good state of repair or felling trees if needed.
Burial Ground (repairs) 0   To be reviewed during 19/20
Annual Inspection 70   ROSPA inspection
Maintenance 0   New play surface installed in 2018.
Cradle Swing 895   Acquisition cost - disabled access to the playing field needs to be resolved beforehand
Armistice  Wreath 20    
Precept 31556   Increase in precept from last year (18/19), from 26,326
Agency Services 0   Grant towards the cost of the Grass cutting has been received historically but not sure if it will be available this year
Bank Interest 10    
Burial Fees 0    
Grants/Donations 0    
Contribution towards legal fees 0    
Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) 0    
TOTAL INCOME 31566    
SURPLUS/DEFICIT -5500   To be funded from Parish Council Reserves
All figures exclude vat which is fully recoverable